About Grain & Wine

After accepting Christ for decades, it was only in the beginning of 2018 that I started to take the studying of and meditating on God’s word seriously. Thanks be to God that He is faithful and to those who seek Him, He reveals Himself.

I have been going through a rough patch in my life in the past few years and it was out of desperation that I began to seek God more closely. The good news is that whatever the reason for our desire to seek God, when we seek Him earnestly, He always shows up, because He loves us and He has always been, and will always there be by our side.


Seeking His Word helps us see Him more clearly. It helps us understand His ways, which are higher than our ways. It helps us realise and be reminded of how awesome our God is and how incapable we are to reach Him through our self efforts.

The Lord has given me several revelations that I feel compelled to pen down as a form of documentation and to share with others who are seeking the secrets hidden in His Word.

When I was a new believer, I was very confused by the “many faces of God” portrayed in the Old Testament – of how He would strike someone to death for a “minor” mistake that was made, condemn and punish their sins to their third and fourth generations and at other times be gracious and merciful to other individuals in bible.


I could not reconcile how Jesus has come to save me, take away my sins and then want me to live a perfect life and love God “with all my heart, with all my mind and all my soul” which I know deep inside me I could never perform.

It was only after understanding the Grace of God that I realised that Jesus is the answer, He has paid it all and He has met all the requirements that are stipulated in the bible. Our job is to fear Him – to know Him, understand His ways and seek Him above everything else.


We are in no way perfect in our performance but we are always presented as perfectly righteous before Daddy God because we have a perfect council before God. He no longer sees our sins, trespasses and imperfections, but us in Christ, always perfect, accepted and loved by Daddy God.

If you are new to reading the bible, always remember that the bible always point us to Jesus, His perfect work that is finished and God’s heart is always to bless us. If you read a passage and feel condemned afterwards, thank God that that condemnation has been borned by Christ on the cross and continue to study other passages that uplifts your spirit, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you on the passages that you do not understand and God will one day reveal the secret in due course.